Monday, February 1, 2010

12 Blog - Meet The Crew

Welcome to the 12 Sundays blog. From today we will update it daily with our favourite music, videos, interviews & anything else we find that floats our collective boat. Click the images to get a feel for the 12 ethos.

Conor L - Runs 12 / Resident ginger and hand puppeteer / Moaning overlord

JOMA - Runs the Shaw / DJs at 12

Conor D (pissflaps) - Bernard Shaw stalwart and Fatal Deviation enthusiast / Works in the Shaw and DJs at 12

Laura - Loves all things house and disco...has been known to get grimey / Has questionable taste in jackets / Dabbles in gold / Married to an English Panda / One to watch every New Years day

Siobhan - Occassionally Majouvah / Political Panda / Dance Supremo / A firm believer in a food-free weekend / Yoga Whore

Louis Scully - Particularly fond of music from the year 1983 / blow in extraordinaire / DJs at 12 & does this har blog

Aaron Dempsey - Smash Hits '95 centrefold / DJs at 12

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