Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dixon mix & interview on DJ History

One of our favourite guests at 12 over the last few years, Dixon, co-founder of the Innervisions label, gave a very insightful interview to the DJ History website recently here.

In the interview he talks about everything from his early life, to the early days of the Berlin house scene (to which he is a rare native), the clubs he made a name for himself in around the city, Berghain and his part in FC Magnet Mitte.

Check out this mix of his:
Recorded in 1996 from one of the residencies he talked about in WMF Club, where he would regularly craft 4-6 hours sets and longer, to which most would attribute his ability to keep bodies on any dancefloor engaged for long periods.

We most certainly await his return...

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  1. That looks like the same jumper/cardigan he wore when he played at 12!


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