Monday, February 8, 2010

Jumbo - Turn On To Love Edit

The little release with the big name, Jumbo was the very first release in 1976 on the now legendary Prelude Records. Jumbo were a European group about whom little is known. They produced this largely uneventful album, Turn On To Love, which featured the tracks 'Sexy Lady', 'Let's Dance' and more on one side. On the flip was the titular single, which I'd first become aware of via a Bobby Viteritti tape from 1976. I instantly fell in love with the track with it's sweeping strings, summer feel, and constant crescendos and troughs. Upon getting my hands on a copy, I soon realised that on the recording, ol Bobby had protected me from, via some deft mixing, the one weak element of the track; the most nauseating vocal and lyrics outside of a Daniel O'Donnell song.

As such, I decided to do a job on it and rid the track of said vocal, bar some female chants and a spoken word section. I also extended the epic strings and piano on the build up parts of the track, as well as putting in a nice little intro and outro so it doesn't creep out on you too badly in the mix. And voila, 10 mins of blissful strings and keys...

Jumbo - Turn On To Love (Conor L's 12 Sundays Edit)

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