Saturday, February 13, 2010

MoodyTerje Confusion

I was left puzzled lately after (a long wait by the post box) I received a copy of Moodymann's Soul Sounds EP, with 'Yesterdays' having been the track I was dying to get my hands on. I gave the record a first listen and proceeded to give the rest a good working over with the ears. When I turned the record over and had a listen, Winter Breeze left me confused:

Instantly I thought of a Todd Terje edit I'd picked up long before, a Moodymann track again but not as above:

Moodymann - Lake Shore Drive (Todd Terje Rekutt)

It's a pretty basic edit with not done much to the original (winter breeze that is), just a few parts rearranged.

The original Lake Shore Drive track was released as Moodymann, with Theo Parrish given the production credit, here she is, a stomper of a tune I'm sure all will agree, but nonetheless not the track Terje had chopped:

I still don't know if someone made a mistake labeling the track or Terje himself was too busy banging out 50 edits a day to check, or maybe I'm just losing my marbles long before my time...... either way from now on I'll know it as Moodymann - Winter Breeze (Todd Terje Rekutt) or not as I'll probably just play the original..

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