Thursday, February 4, 2010

TC Crew - I Can't Do It Alone [Eoin Cody Edit]

Tyree put this out on DJ International in 1992, but judging by how cheap it is on discogs it doesn't seem to have done very well for him. I was only a nipper in '92 so I wouldn't know, but I'm loving it these days. A tad cheesy yes but it's still got plenty of groove. The only problem with the release is that 2 of the versions both have some great elements in them, which really should be in the same mix, if you get me. So my mate Eoin did a quick edit to sort that out.

TC Crew - I Can't Do It Alone [Eoin Cody Edit]

The two versions are Tyree's Mix (the A side) which has the vocal and Ping's mix (the B side) which is the crazy scat version. Whoever owned the record before Eoin put a little red dot beside Ping's mix because it's clearly da biz..

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