Sunday, February 21, 2010

So it goes // Sunday 21st February

...In the words of the late great Tony Wilson, so it goes and so we go here on Sunday with a round up of the weekend down here at 12Sundays HQ. Kicking things off today, it's myself Conor L & the bumdog millionaire, Conor Dunne, here at the controls at 12Radio, keeping things nice and breezy until 6pm, you can tune in here.

Other than that we have the ever excellent former Electric City resident and Lunar Disko founder Barry Donovan guesting down in the confines of the Bernard Shaw alongside 12 ressie John Mahon. Free in, 10 x 10 drinks specials, Big Blue Bus Pizza, after party afterwards, what more could one ask for?? See you down the front.

Posted by Conor L

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