Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Clubbing: NYC

Great Sunday clubs are ten a penny compared to their Friday/Saturday counterparts. Being the preserve of shift workers and folks who don't have to worry about an early Monday morning start.

One of the stand out Sunday parties of 2009 was Sunday Best, based in Brooklyn Yard, New York. Resident DJs Justin Carter, Doug Singer and Irishman Eamonn Harkin were joined each week of the summer by guests Morgan Geist, Mr. Scruff, Kyle Hall and Quentin Harris, with fellow 12 favourites Theo Parrish, MCDE and Daniel Wang also on show.

Sunday Best is mostly a summertime club, making the most of the outdoor surroundings of Brooklyn Yard and the New York summer evenings, with proceedings finishing at a meager 10pm.

Check out Sunday Best blog here, it's accompanied with videos and mixes with the MCDE mix and Theo video in particular worth a look.

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